Product Description:

Frubert offers a wide range of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) fruit, frozen at -30 C. Each fruit selected is the result of a continuous assessment of the best varieties. After freezing, the fruits are selected and cleaned, frozen, sorted, calibrated and packed. Sour cherries are loaded with important nutrients, including phyto chemicals (disease-fighting plant compounds), antioxidants and vitamin C. This tiny redfruit is beneficial for cancer prevention, reduces inflammation, enhances heart health and provides other health benefits.

Health Benefits:

  • Sour cherries are loaded with three disease-fighting chemicals that have been shown to stop cell transformation (leading to cancer) in numerous research studies. These powerful chemicals include perillyl alcohol, limonene and ellagic acid. Only cherries contain all three chemicals.
  • Sour cherries are rich in two anti-inflammatory compounds, anthocyanins and quercetin, which are beneficial in alleviating asthma symptoms and other respiratory conditions and offer relief for gout sufferers.