Product Description:

Frubert’s black currants also known as ( Ribes Nigrum) originating from Europe are dried osmotically without adding any oil or additives like sugar but are treated with apple juice concentrate to get natural essence of sweetness in it’s taste and a nice aroma. The special treatment of osmosis maintains all the nutrients in the fruit making it healthy.Their tartness also lends itself to mixing with other fruits, especially in jams and juices.

Health Benefits:

  • Besides the whopping amount of vitamin C in these little beauties, they also contain pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), and thiamin (vitamin B1) which boost the strength of the immune system.
  • They keep cardiovascular system healthy and helps in controlling high blood pressure.
  • They help in controlling diabetes, provides relief from insomnia and anti-viral benefits. It also helps in strengthening our bones and teeth.
No Additives gluten-free vegan-product