Product Description:

Frubert’s Aronia also known as ( Aronia Melanocarpa) originating from Europe are dried osmotically without adding any sugar, oil or additives but are treated with glucose-fructose syrup or apple juice concentrate. Aronia berries, also known as black chokeberries, have been gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers looking to add more superfoods to their diets. The small dark berries of the Aronia melanocarpa plant are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamin C and anthocyanins, and offer wonderful health benefits for those who want to improve their health through better nutrition.

Health Benefits:

  • Aronia berries have the highest antioxidant capacity among berries and other fruits. These antioxidants properties, in turn, can be attributed to the phenolic compounds present in aronia berries, although the high levels of vitamin C found in these super-berries may also play a role.
  • Aronia helps to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation related to diabetes.
  • Aronia is effective at reducing blood pressure, and helps combat high blood pressure in the arteries.
No Additives gluten-free vegan-product